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My life in black and white.
or is life just various shades of grey?
August 1 
1st-Aug-2011 12:41 pm
Joan Crawford
I admit when I read the pages of Livejournal friends I don't remember who some of them are.  I've forgotten the backstories and connections I may have once had to some of you. 

Others I may remember, but don't really care about anymore.  That sounds harsh I suppose, but it wasn't really meant to be malicious.  That just goes with being away from LJ for an extended period of time - some of you just aren't relevant.

Changes are coming for us...sooner than later I hope.  I feel like life is a rut at the moment.  Easier to make changes if its one person, and not two.
1st-Aug-2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
Oy, I understand. Derrick and I have had our house in Texas on the market for 17 months now. Good luck to you both!
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